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We do welcome affiliates of all kinds to come promote our products, we give away a generous affiliate commission of  65%


To join us as an affiliate, sign up here and become one of our esteemed promotional teams,


We do however require that in your recommendations, you explain to your message recipients in detail what exactly you are promoting, we do not want to be caught in a scenario where customers visit our website, place a n order then soon after that demand refund claiming that they did not understand what they were buying or they were tricked into purchasing a product they did not want/need.


We Encourage promotion of our products on Most types of public domain  information sharing platforms such as websites, blogs, video channels, social media accounts/pages, email marketing etc. if you have an internet site that has a large following, then you are in for the deal, you are welcome to join us as an affiliate, sign up and become one of our esteemed promotional team member.


We delay payments to our affiliates for the first 30 days if their commission is less than $50, this is not a fraudulent behavior from our business point of view, it’s just a safety measure to protect ourselves from unscrupulous promotional channels that may create problems between us and our potential customers, or between us and our payment gateways such as PAYPAL. We are business with a reputation to protect. And we shall do all we can to protect our fledgling new brand.

However as soon as your sales commissions reach over $50 we will reimburse the funds to you, you can also contact us if you want to receive your commissions before they reach $50. Once we put a ”verified Affiliate” badge on your name at our website, you can begin to receive commission as soon as you make each cent sales afterwards.

We send out payments to affiliates at the end of every quarter. Please understand that we cannot send payments to affiliates instantly because sometimes we have to process refunds from our unhappy customers, but for the vast majority of sales that go through, we are happy to process them to you. If you don’t receive your payments in time, contact us immediately and we will be happy to sort out your issue.


“We send payments to our affiliates at the end of every quarter namely…

  Quarter 1 (Q1):  March 31

  Quarter 2 (Q2):  June 30

  Quarter 3 (Q3):  September 30

  Quarter 4 (Q4):  December 31

If you still have unpaid earnings at the end of these dates please contact us immediately and we will be happy to respond appropriately” 


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