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Refund Policy

Refund Policy


We believe you shall acknowledge that our business has a very strict refund policy. On the landing page we have placed a link to enable you to look into the portfolio so that you do have an idea  of what you are buying, when we receive a refund email, we do expect that you send in a detailed resume of exactly what went wrong.


If you discovered the sales page through an affiliate link, we have an agreement with our affiliates that ensures they deliver enough information about the product to our potential customers so that when they visit our site, they at least have enough information which enables them make a well thought out decision, before placing an order.

We do not wish to fall prey of unscrupulous fellows who cheerfully download our product then ask for a refund soon after using it to the fullest. So no speedy refunds not unless yours is a very special case. Tell us the reason why you demand the refund after enjoying our goods?(sorry for the harsh words)


Hey hold on, we are not trying to fool anyone nor rip off anyone of their hard earned cash, we are simply trying to be fair with one another in the age old profession of business trade, we too work hard to produce any kind of  artwork and understand how it feels like to spend a fortune on a worthless  piece of artwork.


Please not that we do not issue a quick refund for customers who demand a refund quickly after downloading our artworks,  we discourage such a highly unethical behavior, if you are not sure what is inside this mega pack, please take look at our portfolio first before you place any order, if you want only a selected few vector illustrations, you can purchase licenses of each individual artwork separately on our  other market portfolio.



Just asses the portfolio of our Sample Vectors first before you make any decision to order, better not place an order than to download our work then ask for a refund.

If you wish to get a refund, send us an email here, we will respond within 24 hours.



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